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The HELLE Hydrostatic Feedworks

5 Models
bullet30 HP
bullet40 HP
bullet 60 HP
bullet 75 HP
bullet100 HP


100 HP

60 HP


Sawmill Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer of Hydrostatic Carriage Drives. We offer several features on these drives.

bullet HELLE Feeds feature only the latest in modern technology.
bullet Eliminates Roller Chain Drive!
bullet Auxiliary Pump For Live Deck and Log Turner Included!!!!!
bullet Heavy Duty Drum Assembly with Locking Grid Coupling and Taper-Lock Hubs.
bullet Electric Remote Control Standard.
bullet Seperate Tank For Feed and Log Turner/Deck NOW WITH GEAR PUMP FOR CONVEYORS! Eliminate other pumping units!!!

Totally Enclosed Motor


It's Better To Plant a Tree, Than To Cuss A Logger.
Last Updated::  5/5/09
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