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Sawmill Hydraulics, Inc is now offering a "drop in" replacement for your exsisting setworks.  We are now offering a small, compact unit that will effectively replace your existing other computerized setworks easily and effortlessly.  Contact us today to discuss this further.  In the meantime brose our different setworks:

Sawmill Hydraulics, Inc is proud to offer 3 different types of computerized setworks.  Click on the setworks for more information.

The HELLE-Tech Setworks
- 2 Line Display
- 8 Sets

The Sawtech Setworks
- Touch Screen
- Stack & Fills
- Memories


The  Total Tech Setworks
- Touch Screen
- Includes Vertical Edger Setworks
- Computerized Dog & Taper Control
- Autosaw
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Last Updated::  4/22/2014
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