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The HELLE Vertical Edger

The story of the HELLE Vertical Edger goes back to the early 1970's, when our customers began requesting this labor saving device.  Quite frankly we observed what was available and it was, in the opinion of the sawyer, junk.  So we decided that if we are going to build one, it will be a reliable piece of machinery worth the name Helle.

All HELLE Edgers Have:

bullet Electric over Hydraulic control
bullet Automatic Setworks
bullet Type "DI" Double Roller Bearings
bullet 5/8 Thick Steel Plates
bullet 2-15/16", Double 5/8 Keyed Mandrel
bullet HELLE Built Shifting Cylinders

5 HP Hydraulic System

Our standard model machine has 22" diameter blades for 9" slab clearance and 8 " depth of cut.  The horsepower is sized for 4" depth of cut using Delbert Helle's rules of 15 HP per blade.

bullet 2 Saw Machine = 30 HP
bullet 3 Saw Machine = 40 HP
bullet 4 Saw Machine = 75 HP

We at Sawmill Hydraulics put a little extra on the 4 Saw because once you have one that big, it does not cost much more for the reserve power.

Also now available with Shaver or Sawdust heads! Need to get rid of the Edging Strips? Want Sawdust OR Shavings? Want QUALITY? Call us today.

  • 75 HP Electric Motor
  • 4" Cylinder with Dual Positioning
  • 6" x 14" Cutterheads
  • Winged Cutters For Edger Surfacing
  • Max Cut depth: 3"
  • 5 HP Hydraulic System


Why Buy a Vertical Edger?

  1. Saves a Man:  This one is so obvious that we debated even saying it.

  2. Straight Boards:  A lot of people will testify that a horizontal edger has a tendency to "run with the sapwood!"

  3. Replaces a Top Saw:  How many times have you had your edgerman chopping the wide board or a slab?

  4. Speaking of Slabs:  Tried running the slab thru a horizontal edger for recovery resaws lately?

  5. Less Maintenance:  Just grease it 4 times a day and keep the blades sharp!

  6. Safety:  Everybody knows a horror story about a board kicking out of a horizontal edger.

  7. Quality Production:  We will be the first to admit that it can't compete with a GOOD Edgerman.  We sell Vertical Edgers because of the growing shortage of Good Edgerman.

Available Options

bullet Independent 3rd Saw Control
bullet Computer Setworks
bullet Retractable Base
bullet Laser Lights
It's Better To Plant a Tree, Than To Cuss A Logger.
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